One-sheet proposal


Foster & asher will create (2) :30 commercials. One promoting westminster's home health services and the other the hospice program.

HOME HEALTH 30 second spot: 

The Home Health commercial will focus on a husband and wife. Clips of them happily and energetically interacting with one another accompanied by a voiceover will be used to convey the progress he has made as a part of this program. The overall goal is to show an increased quality of life and mobility.


Hospice 30 second spot:

Our Westminster Hospice spot will focus on a daughter and her mother. We want to convey a feeling of respect and gratitude in this spot. The overall goal being to communicate that with Westminster's Hospice program, both parent and child receive more quality time together in these golden years of the parent's seniority. We may also want to introduce a nurse at some point in the video. 


Home Health short Documentary: 

We will be telling a 3-5 minute short story about George and Tillie Winfield. We would like to interview them about their experience with Westminster, how they have improved etc. We will also capture b-roll of them enjoying their home and each other. 



Pre-Production and production of these two separate shoots should take no more than 4 days (2 planning, 2 shooting). The editing will take us about 2-3 weeks depending the amount of revisions we go through (we limit each spot to 3 revisions before extra editing costs are incurred). On the long end, this may take a month to deliver the 2 :30 second spots, on the short end 2 weeks. 

The short documentary on the Winfields will be delivered one month after the initial two spots are delivered. 


We are asking a flat rate of $4,500 ($1500 for each video) for the entire project. You have the option of just having us cut both :30 second spots for $3, 500 and then the other short documentary can be cut together later at an additional $1500. Bringing the a la carte total to $5,000. We are willing to shoot these spots for a discounted rate because we believe in the project and want to continue our relationship with you guys.  

We wanted to make this as straight-forward as possible. We will specify the details in a contract once we have agreed to terms. Let us know if you have any questions. 


examples of our work:


The women in these photos and videos are breast cancer survivors treated by Advocate Christ Medical Center in Chicago, IL.  

Password: centra




This video was created for Taco Shark, a local food truck.  




In this video, Blue Cross Blue Shield profiled child-sensation Sam Gordon in order to highlight their Faces of Fearlessness campaign.