Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest | Lynchburg, Va.

Watch the VIDEO:


We teamed up with Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest and WordWorks! for Poplar Forest's annual video project where children from the community speak to top-notch historical actors Bill Barker, of Colonial Williamsburg, as Thomas Jefferson, and John Douglas Hall as James Madison.

This year, the children asked various historical question, and also got into topics pertaining to civic literacy (e.g., "What makes a good leader?").

Hall and Barker are both exceptional human beings whose depth of understanding about their historical counterparts leaves everyone in earshot rapt in attention.

We had a great time working with Poplar Forest and WordWorks! on this, and are looking forward to future collaborations.


Edited/Directed: Foster & Asher
Illustrations: Stephen Kissel
Boom: Ryan Carl
Executive Producer: Wayne Gannaway (Poplar Forest)
Location: Jenny Poore (WordWorks!)
Talent: Bill Barker, John Douglas Hall


Many thanks to Jenny Poore, chief gear turner at WordWorks!, and the rest of the WordWorks! family; to Wayne Gannaway, of Poplar Forest; and to Ashley Kershner, of Lynchburg Parks & Recreation.


Since creating the video on civic literacy with Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, we've helped create photo and video content for various events and other special projects. 

Collaborating with a local nonprofit of historical significance has been one of the highlights of our work so far. We've enjoyed everything we've done with Poplar Forest so far, and are excited for our future work together.