Robert Mondavi | Summer 2013 | lake tahoe, calif.

At the end of August 2013, we flew out (as half of the DuckDuckCollective team) to beautiful Fallen Leaf Lake, in South Lake Tahoe. 

Canadian agency Bensimon Byrne brought us in to create both photo and video content for the Robert Mondavi "FOR REAL" campaign.




production notes

After landing in Reno, we drove an hour to Fallen Leaf Lake, all the while lamenting the air-choking and obscuring brown fog from a raging series of wildfires around Lake Tahoe. The DuckDuck team (John Carl, Simon Asher, Matt Addington and Marcelo Quarantotto) was split the previous week before  John was handling technical pre-production and crew hires while Matt was in L.A. with Marcelo for casting and styling.

The window within which we could find a location, travel and execute was impossibly small. Two production days for a full photo and video campaign in the middle of the wilderness. Because of the thick smoke cover for our scouting day (with all of the haze, our set looked like something more suitable for a post apocalyptic sci-fi film), we were worried the elements would not synchronize with our schedule. 

Scouting day 1: John surveying our light sometime around 5:30 a.m. 

To our delight, the weather had cleared off significantly by the time shoot day came around. 


Marcelo handled BTS and helped contribute original stills for the campaign. 














Below is our good buddy (and great AC) Leland Haushalter, out of Chicago. He's one of the hardest working and most technically savvy crew members we've ever worked with. 

Simon looking well lit.

Simon, John and Dana Greengross (the best producer in the biz!) on one of our scouting days. 













We were very fortunate to have an incredibly talented crew on this set. Gaffer JimmyLights (of American History X and other awesome films) was a magician on set, and was able to create whatever type of light we needed in a moment's notice. 


Stylist Kate Riney was also invaluable on set, helping make micro-adjustments to hair/makeup during our 12 hour shoot days.







Styling Headquarters.