SXSW 2014

Matt had talked a lot about Parker Mangham when he met him back in winter 2013 (during the Ax + Apple/Charm School Vintage shoot).

I got my own chance to visit the songsmith when Charm School invited us to come back for its off-SXSW festival, the BRIGHT FUTURES DAY PARTY. We drove down from Lynchburg, Virginia, by way of Nashville, Tennssee (we couldn't not bring or buddy Matt Mackey with us). 

Parker and Shari (CSV) are among the most distinct individuals I've ever met, and in an age and culture that praises homogeny, their uniqueness was medicine for the soul. 

Parker, who dons a cowboy hat, conquistador boots and an accent from his father's native England, served as the frontman The Low Lows, and now performs under his own name for his current project. We spent an evening hanging out in his East Austin home, admiring his impeccable taste in all things beautiful, his amazing dual tape echo rig and the lush wash of his self-styled songwriting.



"Oh Cousin" Video: