"MAN OFF LAND" PRoduction notes

Shoot Date: January 12th-15th


Director: Foster & Asher

Story: Foster & Asher

Production: Foster & Asher

DP: Austin Austin Lewis & Nick Sjolinder

Camera OPP: Ryan Carl, Caleb Jordan Lee

Art Direction: Zach Taylor

Styling: Bethany Jane

Fight Choreographer: Brandon Minter (LU Fencing Coach)

Location Manager: Lauren Hall


Glass oaks: Left-to-right, Joel, Ben, Taylor and John. 

This is the band, the primary protagonists in the video. We will see each of in their own natural habitat at the beginning of the video. The purpose is to give a subtle hint as to each individual's personality. 




This is Kristina Petrick, our Main Villian. 


Kristina is acting as the femme-fatale in the video. She also represents the feminine to the G.O. masculine. Her role will be that of swordmaster commanding a small troop of fencers as they face off against our main characters. 


We will have  10-15 members from the LU fencing team. 

Below are shots of our set. This is the Wake Field House at Lynchburg College. We will have one 10 hr shoot day scheduled for all of our shots of the fencing/sword battle. 

The One-SHeet:

"Man Off Land" opens with JOEL sitting on the hood of his bright-blue 1980s Volvo outside a Gospel Church in downtown Lynchburg. We see a large PREACHER on the steps watering plants, seemingly paying no attention to Joel.  We then see each band member in their own habitat (TAYLOR at WHITEHART making customers coffee, BEN reading in bed next to his wife SALLY, JON painting the outside of a house with his coworker CARLINA). After this introduction montage, we cut to a shot of our villain KRISTINA inside the LC field house. She is pacing in front of her troop of fencers, inspecting their suits. She then calls JOEL, tells him "it's time to settle this". He then texts and rounds up the rest of the band (there is a travel montage inside of his blue Volvo). They arrive, the first portion of the song, the band is traditionally fencing KRISTINA's "soldiers". They easily defeat the band member one by one. After JOEL is defeated, he calls out KRISTINA for a fight. He eventually knocks her down. She shouts back to her fencers for help and the benches clear. Then, we have a beautifully choreographed all-out sword brawl (lots of slow mo shots and action here). Eventually the soldiers all are defeated, there is a final faceoff between JOEL and KRISTINA. He defeats her, fade to black. 


*Note: each band member will be wearing their full fencing outfit throughout the video, even the beginning. 

*The first 60-120 seconds will have no music, just ambients noises from each environment and dialogue. The music begins once the band members enter the field house after the travel montage.