In 2012, we traveled to Montevideo, Uruguay for A for A Molson/Coors Canada campaign. The product was the newly-developed Coors Light Iced Tea. 

After only a few days of remote pre-production, we landed in Montevideo. We had two days to shoot two locations at dawn and at dusk. Our client wanted as many images from the shoot as possible. With few parameters outside of "good-looking people enjoying life," we set to work capturing a slew of stills for their new cross-medium campaign. 



production notes

This was an interesting job because not only did it fall into our laps, it went from an initial bid email to sitting on a Uruguay-bound plane in less than a week. The team we were a part of comprised two people. The rest of our crew (30+ people) were all from South America, many of which did not speak English.

Another interesting variable was that fact that we were overlapping with the video portion of this campaign. We were using the same actors and set for continuity, so the client wanted us to actually be on set for the last day of shooting the commercial, to feel the environment out and take on-set stills. 


After arriving at the airport in Montevideo, we were pleasantly surprised to immediately be greeted by Belén, who was our most valuable human asset all week.

Belén was the on-the-ground producer and she made us feel immediately at ease and at home.

Belén at our beach location on scout day 1.











Simon at one possible shoot location. He's the best stand-in there is.














Last day of the commercial shoot and our first day on set. Juakina Alonso was our set producer (and also the No. 1 female kite-surfer in the world). She loves the yerba mate.


You can see our shoot with her here.








This picture was taken minutes after we wrapped shooting our last day. It was sunset on the beach, and it as awesome. Super special thanks to the entire production crew at El Camino Films in Uruguay. Total top notch.