Film photography is its own meditation.

In most instances, you can't simply whip out a film SLR, press the shutter, and expect to get a decently exposed shot. Shooting manual requires that you're intentional about the settings and aware of the interplay between lights and shadows. And unless you're wealthy, you can't simply blast away and sort out the good ones later.

Film photography is an opportunity for me to become mindful of the moment and my surroundings. But I've been neglecting my 35mm cameras lately. I'm trying to be better about carrying my Pentax MX (with its trusty belt clip) or a Canonet QL17 G-III with me at all times. The pictures below were taken with both over the past few months of life.

Even when the developed images are not as well exposed or focused as my digital ones, it's much easier to look back on these pictures and remember that time I stood looking out behind a parking lot to stare at the barren winter trees, introducing myself to a local college professor after taking a yoga/poetry workshop. Or how my daughters like to squirm next to me on my mat. I'm there. I'm immersed. I'm grateful.





Dane Spearman enlisted me to collaborate with him on the cover for the Hackensaw Boys' upcoming record. 

While I won't show the final image, here are some film snaps I took during our hang/shoot session.




Helping my older brother move into his second purchased house. Admiring the reckless spirit of my nephew and daughters. My wife and my brother's girlfriend enjoying each others' company. Local hip-hop showcases. Taking in my city's beautiful natural imagery.

These are the moments that enrich my life.


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