Further Exploration of the Lynchburg, Virginia, Community

Marcelo and I are lucky enough to live in a town that hosts people from multiple cultural backgrounds. Up the street from our studio is this really interesting salon called 'Nubian Citi II' (the first one closed down 5 years back) full of beautiful, sassy women all of whom happen to be black. 

The first time I walked in with camera in my hand, they knew this tall, white "homeless Jesus" looking hipster wasn't there for extensions. 

My initial method when asking complete strangers to photograph them (especially when you enter their private place of business) is to immediately compliment them and make my intentions known. 

After I told them that "after 5 years of driving past this place, always curious to see what is inside, I thought I'd finally poke my head in and see if I could take some pictures of you beautiful ladies as you work." Tyeast (the owner) graciously agreed to let us poke our heads around and take pictures. The rest of the girls were very warm and welcoming about our taking photos of them as well. 

If you're in Lynchburg and looking to get some work done on your hair — or if you're simply interested in meeting vibrant people in your community — stop in at Nubian Citi II and say "Hello."

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