I'm definitely one of those people that really enjoys shooting their friend's weddings. 

When I first met Simon he was very young (he's 7 years my junior).  Simon was bright eyed and very sharp, always documenting his surroundings with a mini-cam and teaching my business partner John Carl and me new photo and video editing techniques. I worked with Simon for several years (and continue to do so as a freelancer) and he is one of the most talented, professional and patient colleagues I have ever had. 

Fast forward to a few months ago and I get that awesome text we photographers sometimes get from close friends:


Needless to say, I said yes. Last week we went to NYC to celebrate with Shifra, Simon and close friends and family. Below are images from the day before the wedding. We did a small portrait session with the two of them just as the sun was setting.

Thanks to Judson Collier for the illustration on the above photo. Check out his work, his handdrawn illustrations are beautiful.