A story that lasts forever.

There has always been a good deal of controversy surrounding the art form known as tattooing. Originally, tattoos were used to show class distinctions and the accomplishments of the wearer, but later became associated with antisocial, rebellious behavior.

Flash forward to the 1940s:  Thousands of Americans have been drafted to fight overseas and face their own mortality. Lost in strange lands, they learned about the Asian art of tattooing and decide to immortalize their time spent there.

These men weren't thinking about what sort of jobs they could get when they got home, only about the living for another day. After risking their lives time and again fighting for their country, what did they care about some snotty banker's opinion? Taking the original traditional Japanese art and merging it with the bold and brash American style, the start of the American-traditional tattoo style was born, and with that the art of storytelling through ink on skin was alive once more.


Now we want to hear yours.


Foster & Asher is collaborating with Sick! Design Co. to create a book telling the stories of people who have spent their time and money on immortalizing their stories through tattoos.

In order to do this, we are looking for people with interesting tattoos with just as interesting stories. While we would love to include everyone, we have to be selective due to the large amount of applicants. To better give you an idea of we're looking for, here's a quick checklist to go through before sending us your application.

Applicants must:

  • Be comfortable modeling semi-nude (we have to see your tattoos!)
  • Be willing to sign a model release stating that we own the rights to the photos and can use them in any way we see fit (but not for evil)
  • Be flexible about when and where to shoot (we'll be flexible, too)
  • Have at least two large pieces, three medium-sized pieces, or at least five small pieces
  • Be willing to work with a stylist for hair, makeup and wardrobe
  • Have a good attitude while on assignment (good vibes make for great pictures)



Q: How do I apply?

A: Fill out the form below, and send an email with pictures of your ink to fosterasherphoto@gmail.com. (Applications that aren't followed up with an email are less likely to be considered.)

Q: What sort of tattoos are you looking for?

A: Almost any style is fine but those with American-traditional style will be given priority. Also, tattoos must be ORIGINAL. You can have flashes, but at least one or two of them have to have a story behind them. 

Q: Is there any sort of compensation?

A: We are not currently offering any paid assignments but we are willing to provide copies of the pictures that won't be in the book to be used for your own projects, modeling portfolio, profile pictures, Christmas greeting cards, etc.

Q: Do I have to be nude?

A: No. We just have to be able to see all your tattoos. Your comfort-level directly corresponds with your amount of clothing.

Q: Are there any tattoos that you're not interested in highlighting?

A: Yes. Here's a list:

  • Anything hate or gang-related
  • Anything sexually suggestive/aggressive
  • Cliché (infinity symbols, small lettered quotes, dreamcatchers, feathers, arrows, etc.)
  • "Tramp stamps" or other tattoos near genitalia
  • Tiny tattoos (can't be seen clearly from 4 to 5 ft.)
  • Pop culture tattoos (social media references, memes, etc. can be cool, but that's a project for another day)