5TH Street is Open

When Geoffrey Kershner explained what he wanted us, Foster & Asher, to create for the potential 5th Street festival this year (2014), we were excited: Create one video (or a series of videos) that represents Lynchburg and project it on buildings downtown.

The video (or series) being released on the day of the festival, leading up to the festival or as a much more expansive campaign is a question for a future conversation. We think there are many ways we could make this work, but in any event, we would like to create four different videos to be projected on buildings downtown -- one per month, with at least one showing per week (locations to be discussed, likely during key events).

We all know how great Lynchburg is for its unique combination of academic offerings, local industry, local art culture and its focus on physical and spiritual wellness, but the unfortunate truth is that it seems even many residents are unaware about what's going on in our city.

The question is, how do we attract more people to a city when locals and semi-permanent students can go years without ever visiting a local business downtown?

Sometimes, I think you need to shout -- but delicately. This is what we will do: remind residents how great our city is and what we can accomplish by projecting cinematic-quality micro-documentaries about Lynchburg on its own buildings in the historic downtown. The videos would be an historic and contemporary reflection of Lynchburg's people and architecture -- our community.

We love Lynchburg. Matt and I have individually been here for more than 10 years as students, as local church-goers, as post-graduates working in the food industry, as bar crawlers, as transient artists,  as newlyweds, as regional explorers, as people who left but inevitably returned (more than once), as cultural event creators, as photographers of an infamous pizzeria calendar and now, we'd like to think, as locals and local business owners (our combined experiences and continued interaction with advertising and media on the local, national and international levels sometimes seems like an irrelevant asset in Lynchburg, but that is something we'd like to change).

With these four videos, we will tell Lynchburg a visual story of itself by using its own cityscape as the movie screen, and simultaneously invite locals, visitors and semi-permanent residents to interact and to create a virtual photo gallery that will tell the world what's so great about our city.

We (along with a couple of other local photographers) will select our favorites to feature on the website we would build and maintain: www.ourlynchburg.com (or something similar):


The  video below was created to give you an idea of what video projections could look like on the sides of familiar Lynchburg buildings.


As Geoffrey recommended, we are providing you with options for what we could create and maintain with their corresponding budget needs.

  • $50,000+: Full-service, year-long campaign that includes monthly commercials, tourism department rebranding, hashtag project, local business profiles, website management, social media management, and everything listed below
  • $7,000: Four films, one per month, produced and projected at least once per week, for four hours at a time, on various buildings in Lynchburg
  • Negotiations can be made for any number of in between, a-la-cart options

We have our own office space on Rivermont Avenue, and could operate somewhat as an internal-freelance marketing agency that would help showcase Lynchburg's greatest assets through social media, a static web page and a constant stream of world-class photo and video content.

Consider it a few artists' collaborative homage to the little city they love.

The newly re-opened 5th Street